Mar 14, 2022

When you break up life into chunks of no more than 15 minutes, you realize how much time you really have. It is interesting how the act of dividing time multiplies it. Perhaps Zeno was onto something.

A day is a very, very long time.

In 5 minutes, you can pick up a lot of clutter from a room.

In 5 minutes you can sweep an entire section of your house or even the whole thing depending on size.

If you don’t believe that 5 minutes is a long time, try doing push ups for 5 minutes straight. Or holding a plank for 5 minutes. Or stay in ice cold water for 5 minutes.

Small increments accumulate. You just have to break them up so that they can accumulate. Time not broken up is like gold that’s still unearthed in the dirt. It’s only valuable once you isolate it.

Intervals need to be discrete, otherwise they aren’t as valuable. Each interval of time must have a purpose. It could be sweeping for 5 minutes, then reading for 10. It could be meditating for 2 minutes, then running for 5 minutes. Writing for another 10 minutes then folding clothes for the next 10 after which you can make that important call for 15 minutes.

Whatever it may be, things don’t usually take all that long when you actually time them and give the time a purpose. It is time unnamed that is time lost. Time with no purpose is time forgotten.